Version 1.2 of Export OmniFocus View to OmniOutliner

June 25, 2017

Now available, version 1.2 of my Export View to OmniOutliner script. The script makes a new OmniOutliner document from your current view in OmniFocus.

With Version 1.2 you can now export from the Forecast perspective in OmniFocus. Due to a limitation in OmniFocus, the export from Forecast will have empty group titles in OmniOutliner. The tasks are exported correctly, however. (I hope to fix this limitation in a future release of OmniFocus.)

This version of the export script also better handles notes with embedded links.

Installing the Script

To install the script, download the latest version here. Then in OmniFocus, choose Help → Open Scripts Folder. Drag the Export View to OmniOutliner file into the scripts folder. Finally, use Customize Toolbar to add the script to the toolbar in OmniFocus.

Running the Script

Once you’ve installed the script, navigate to whatever perspective you’d like to export. You can even Focus on a particular project, or use View Options (⇧⌘V) to fine tune the display. Once the view in OmniFocus is showing just what you want, run Export View to OmniOutliner from your OmniFocus toolbar. OmniOutliner will launch and the script will create a new document containing just the information in your current OmniFocus view.

Only the titles, notes, and structure are exported from OmniFocus. The OmniOutliner document won’t contain contexts or other information, like defer and due dates, from OmniFocus. I find this is a handy way to get a summary of a project or a task list into OmniOutliner. From there, I can print to PDF to share with others without exposing the details of my own OmniFocus database.

Share and enjoy!

Drop me a note @curtclifton on Twitter if there’s something else you’d like to see automated in OmniFocus.