Export View to OmniOutliner

share your perspective without sharing everything

Download version 1.2.1

This script makes a new OmniOutliner document from your currently selected perspective in OmniFocus. Only the information in that view is sent to OmniOutliner. Your other information stays safe in OmniFocus.

The script exports the titles, plain text notes including links, and structure from OmniFocus. The OmniOutliner document won’t contain contexts or other information, like defer and due dates.

Version 1.2 adds support for exporting from Forecast.

Here’s how to install the script:

  1. In OmniFocus, choose Help → Open Scripts Folder.
  2. Drag the Export View to OmniOutliner file into the scripts folder.
  3. Control-click the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar to add the script to the toolbar in OmniFocus.