Something Old, Something New

March 17, 2018

Over an excellent machiatto at Chromatic Coffee this morning, I put together a couple of OmniFocus scripts to share.

Something Old

The latest release of OmniFocus, version 2.12 for Mac, changes how task completion works under the hood. This change is likely in support of improvements to repeating tasks coming in OmniFocus 3.

Version 1.3 of my Complete and Await Reply script handles this change. Follow the link to download it.

Something New

Fix Pending Project’s Review Dates is a script I’ve been using personally for a long time. I thought others might find it useful, so it’s time for the script’s public debut.

This script makes sure that any Pending Projects — ones whose Defer Date is in the future — come up for review on their Defer Date. The script finds all your Pending Projects. Then it updates those projects to have a Next Review Date equal to the Defer Date. This is helpful in two ways:

I hope you find these useful. Share and enjoy.