Complete and Await Reply Script, Version 2.0

August 27, 2018

Based on the latest OmniShow, OmniFocus 3 for Mac should be available Real Soon Now. The good folks at Omni have made sure existing scripts continue to work, my Complete and Awaiting Reply script among them.

The original version of my script completes the selected item, then creates a new follow up item like the original but with any existing context replaced with a waiting for context.

OmniFocus 3 lets you add multiple tags to an action. I wanted to take advantage of that in my script.

The new version of Complete and Awaiting Reply leaves all the existing tags in place on the follow up item and adds an additional waiting-for tag. Suppose you have an item like Ask about the Tate account, tagged with Darren and Email. After you send the email, just select the item and run the script. The original will be checked off. A new follow-up item will be created titled “Reply on: ask about the Tate account” and tagged with Darren, Email, and Waiting. The script will even add a note with the date and time the original email was sent.

If you’re lucky enough to be using the beta already, you can grab the updated script here.

Share and enjoy!