Complete and Await Reply Script, Version 1.0.2

January 26, 2016

Via email, Peter Sacréas, pointed out that my Complete and Await Reply script loses links in the notes of the tasks you apply it to. The script was making a new note by getting the text of an existing note, manipulating it, and then setting the note property of the duplicated task. Applescript is notoriously bad at handling rich text. By round-tripping the entire note through Applescript, I was losing the link.

In practice, the script just needs to insert some new text at the beginning of the note. So, instead of replacing the full text on the note, I switched to using an incantation that inserts plain text before the existing note, leaving the rich text unchanged:

set textToInsert to notePrefix & ((current date) as text) & return
insert textToInsert at before first character of note of theDupe

Bug fixed! You can grab the updated version here.

Share and enjoy!