An Updated 1Password Emergency Kit

October 6, 2012

As part of setting up my retirement accounts and life insurance at Omni, I’d been thinking about estate planning issues like wills and living wills. Mike Vardy’s 1Password Emergency Kit reminded me that it’s important to make your passwords available to your family and executor. (Head over to Agile Bits for more info on 1Password.)

Mike’s kit is a solid basic document, but I was uncomfortable with some ambiguities in the wording. I also wanted to add blanks for recording log-in passwords for my devices. After all, if my hard drive is encrypted (and it is), then just having my 1Password master password wouldn’t do anyone any good.

Thankfully, Mike provided his document under a Creative Commons license. So, here’s my version, also under a Creative Commons license.

Curt’s 1Password Emergency Kit

Don’t fill this in electronically. That wouldn’t be secure. Instead, print it, fill it in, and store it in a secure fire safe or safe deposit box. (My understanding is that a safe deposit box won’t be accessible by your executor until after the reading of your will. If that’s an issue for you, then the fire-safe option might be best. I’m not a lawyer and nothing here should be construed as legal advice.)