CocoaConf Seattle 2016

May 6, 2016

It was a pleasure to speak at CocoaConf Seattle this year. Here’s the abstract for my talk:

Let’s Build a Reactive Programming Library

Functional reactive programming is a much promoted technique for building apps structured around data flow, asynchronous events, and value types.

There are several popular frameworks for reactive programming in the Apple ecosystem, including Reactive Cocoa, RxSwift, and Bond. These powerful tools can be intimidating when first trying to learn the concepts.

In this talk I’ll implement a simple reactive programming library “from scratch”, live coding the interesting bits, and using them in a small demonstration app. The talk is intended for people new to reactive programming and should help demystify the concepts so you can approach one of the more powerful frameworks with confidence.

The code that we developed in the talk, along with the other code using that library, is up on GitHub now.

I’ve also posted the slides from my talk, though most of the information was in the form of animations that don’t translate well. Still, if you attended the talk, I hope these will be useful.